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Frequently Asked Questions about AmpliFitness

Intensive training is only dangerous for people who are not physically fit and whose health does not allow an intensive workout. AmpliTraining is no more or less dangerous than any other conventional muscle training. It is gentle though and therefore more suitable for rehabilitation exercises, but no danger arises from AmpliTraining.

In this respect, the opinions of experts have changed very much over the past few years. They used to say that you should start working on muscle building no earlier than the age of 14. This is seen differently now. But basically it can be said that AmpliTraining is suitable for everyone for whom other types of sport and training are also suited. Age here plays only a minor role. However, AmpliTraining is a very purpose-oriented type of training and game oriented sports are certainly much more suitable for children.

Up to 2-3 times a week for healthy individuals. Next to it is recommended other sports and movement activities.The after-effects of long-term use and must be given the opportunity to regenerate the body, and allow 36 to 72 hours to complete recovery.Because there are delayed electrical impacts and after-effects on the body.

This is not a sport, but an additional training method for any sport activity. Currently, there is no better way to fully activate muscles in the joints without loading them. There isn't any other sport that exercises all muscle groups in one training session. There are always one or two left out. For example, it is the same with running: inure to the leg muscles and the knee and hip joints, but not so much for the arm muscles.It can be an effective form of exercise for those who do not play sports or for those who do not have the time, and for some of those, who want to lose weight. Training once a week can strengthen the entire body. Thus, the more muscular the person is, the more self-confident in the movements. Since the joints are spared, it does not replace the traditional recreational sports and exercise, however, muscle activity makes the body much more than a sport. Amplitrain exercises the whole body as well the deep muscles. The human body is exercised much more with Amplitrain workout in a shorter time than you would get during regular training, as each muscle is stimulated by this square (artificial) electric amplitude.Therefore it is recommended to be attentive, and to use it properly, so you really can achieve the expected impact.

No, you don't. The intensive muscle activation caused by the current ensures the efficiency of the workout.

No. During the intensive muscle activation our body is not able to digest effectively. If we train with a full stomach, we can feel bad, moreover the training won't be as effective.

There is no upper age limit.

The scars should have healed naturally and the doctor should have permitted you to participate in a sports workout.

AmpliTraining is not a type of sport. Therefore it is also not as multi-faceted. However, you can make the current training varied and entertaining by using different movements, means and training schedules using the current.

Stamina training is a very good supplement as are all sports which have a high percentage of coordination.

The index is a number that represents the training intensity as objectively as possible. That means that the mA flowing into the body from all 6 channels are added together and converted into a number. Here the number 100 serves as the definition of a "very intensive workout". But of course this number cannot still be seen as an absolute indication of the weight of a dumbbell. For example here the parameters set for the current play a very important role as do any skin resistance and the resistors in the tissues – and also the buffer zones (fat for example). Whoever wears undergarments while training can subtract 20% from the index – compared to a workout in which the person training wears the suit directly on their skin.The following guidelines apply to a workout without undergarments : Stamina training index 60 to 75 Strength endurance 75 to 95 Hypertrophy 90 to 110 Strength training from 100. But please note that these are only guidelines. This can vary greatly on an individual basis.

The more harshly the pelvic floor (diaphram) is trained, the greater the workout can be felt there. So it is only a matter of time before the discomfort disappears. But you can try to affect this feeling with the different materials provided. If it cannot be endured, then you can turn the output for the buttocks back to zero at the beginning of the workout and only start it up after 5 minutes. The unpleasant feeling in the pelvic floor (diaphram) is mainly then minimised by itself.

The current of the AmpliTrain is a medium frequency which is known to have a tissue activating effect. This is triggered by a so-called permanent de polarisation of the cell membranes and ensures that the metabolism of all cells, through which the current has passed, is optimised. This effect does not stop at the end of the workout, but still remains for a while. This then becomes apparent in some people due to a significant tingling in the tissues.

The majority of the functions in the human body are controlled by, or enabled first of all by, electrical pulses. AmpliTrain® takes this up only as an operating principle and uses it for training purposes. The nervous system benefits from this relief.

No. The current used in AmpliTrain® is so weak and carefully designed, that the heart is not affected by it. Moreover the heart is isolated by the pericardial sac against this type of effect. The AmpliTrain® current impacts the skeletal muscles, not the organ muscles and also not the heart muscles.

First of all anyone who is physically fit can perform AmpliTraining. Anyone who is not physically fit can also use AmpliTraining, however, he/she should undertake it only under the guidance of a person who is suitably trained.

The only important point is your posture (upright and tending to correction) during the workout. Since AmpliTraining is very effective for muscle training, it quickly leads to results. Now if you have ever completed your training in a very bad stooping posture then it brings in its wake the fact that you fix this bad posture, so to speak, to your muscles. If you train always in a consciously upright position then you achieve the opposite and the posture is quickly and obviously improved.