Amplifitness Testimonials

Backbone Injury Success Story

"After the training I didn't feel the pain so sharply".

On the 29 June, 2012 I had a serious accident in Brighton. I was walking to work, when a lorry driver reversed next to me. He hit an iron lamp post which broke into half and hit my head. The result: one broken backbone, two broken bones in my left foot and 10 stitches in my head. I spent 6 days in the hospital and several months in bed. I had to visit a physiotherapist for more than 6 months, but my condition improved very slightly - slower, than everybody would have thought. So I looked an orthopaedist doctor up again who told me that my backbone didn't just brake, it collapsed, as well.

I had to strengthen my muscles, so I looked for a personal trainer, when I met this new way of fitness opportunity in Hungary. My trainer told me that this equipment is very gentle to the joints, it has a pain-relief effect, the different body parts can be controlled separately and a 20 minutes session equals one and a half hours of gym training. So I thought - despite my fear of current, I should give it a try, maybe it works and I can live again a full life without pain. And it really worked! After the first 3-4 sessions, I could walk more easily. After the training I didn't feel the pain so sharply. So I continued the workouts.

After 10-15 sessions the pain-relief effect started to work permanently, not just only after the sessions. I could sleep again 6-7 hours in a row without waking up due to the pain. I could walk further and further - before the treatments I was able to walk 1.5-2 hours without break. After only 3 months of AmpliFitness training I was almost fully recovered. I was ready to return back to Brighton. I didn't want to stop with the sessions, so I was looking for a gym with AmpliFitness facility, but for my biggest surprise there wasn't any. So I thought, I will set up my own business to help: People who have injuries, just as I had, Or for those people who like to do sport, but do not have time for it, Or for professional athletes who are looking for a supplemental sport activity which lowers the risk of injuries and shortens the recovery time and preparation period, as well, Or for people who would like to loose weight. These are only just some from a list which this equipment is good for!

Collapsed Backbone

"Low back pain syndrome is usually associated with high muscle tonus in the electromyography (EMG). Modulated mid frequency electrotherapy (MET) could be used to regulate muscle tonus and therefore
reduce painful conditions in the lower back. The MET seems to reduce pathological high muscle tone in the erector spinae muscle. There is also an immediate observable benefit regarding pain sensation evaluated by the patients themselves. More patients are needed in order to evaluate these findings."

E. Atabaş
Medizinisches Zentrum Bonn (after testing EMS on patients with lower back pain 2009)

More Success Stories with AmpliTrain

AmpliTrain can be used for a wide variety of training.

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"This is THE best experience! For everyone who is pushed for time and unhappy with going to the gym this is a must. I have had just 10 sessions in the last month, have not changed my diet yet have lost inches. I am so inspired and impressed with the outcome plan to continue along with a healthier eating plan and see the results. I have tried all sorts of exercise plans, including a personal trainer. This beats them all AND it's cheaper! Try it you won't regret it!"

Joanna Spencer

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"I was a fitness fanatic but ended up overworking myself and with injuries, to the point I had difficulty walking sometimes and put on lots of weight. I was seeing an osteopath but thought I'd give Amplifitness a go. I was so glad I did!!! I have lost an inch all over my body and I have gone down a dress size. My love handles have gone too and all after just 10 sessions over a month, which is equivalent to five hours of working out. You can also burn hundreds of calories in each session. I am really impressed with my level of physical fitness now. I feel so much more energised and invigorated. The sessions are short and you can fit it in around work and life really easily."

Laura Sherry

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" I've just completed 10 Ampli Fitness sessions with Orsolya and would highly recommend them for anyone looking to firm slack muscles and improve their posture. My legs, tim and bum have all benefitted from the sessions and I'm really aware of how much more easily and strongly I can pull up and straighten my posture. My rib cage lifts and shoulders slide down my back firmly, my stomach pulls in, my breathing improves, I feel stronger and I have more stamina.
If you've not exercised regularly, or can't exercise, it's really worth trying as the Ampli Fitness machine could be just the kick start you need (helps you lose inches too!!). — feeling amazing."

Viv Lambert

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" I had 10 sessions of Ampli Fitness and I can say to my amazement that my flab is gone. My body is trimmer and tone and I feel healthy and strong since using Ampli fitness. I have managed to loose some inches and burned lots of calories. I was a 12 to 14 size and now I am a 12 to 10 size.All that with no diet in fact I have been eating more as it is ice cream season!!! I will definitely keep using Ampli Fitness because is short and effective only 20 minutes of your time that goes flying.Orsolya is great she talks to you and make sure you don't even realise that you are exercising.she uses her personal trainer skills to also provide you with tons of information and excellent tips. Not only I have saved time ,I am trimmer and I have gain a friend ! By now you guess ... Yes! I super recommend Orsolya and Ampli Fitness!"

Marina Fernandez

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"Love it , strongly recommend everyone tries it!! It's an intense workout without the sweat and but with the burnt calories , will be telling everyone about it! Thank you Orsolya"

Sheree Jones

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"I also done 10 sessions and I really liked it I liked the filling and I lost a lot of inches and went from a 14-16 dress size down to a 12-14 I did do healthy eating I was very happy with the results"

Cat Shine