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AmpliTrain uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation to repair and strengthen your muscles and joints. As well as getting you back into shape, it can also provide much welcome pain relief. AmpliTrain programmes can be tailored to specific body areas to treat common problem areas such as:

                                   - Back pains and sciatica

                                   - Knees and joints

                                   - Pulled or torn muscles

                                   - Strengthening pelvic muscles to alleviate incontinence


To give you an example of the difference AmpliTrain can make to your life please read Orsolya’s story.


The following treatment goals can be achieved by using AmpliTrain:

                                  - Full or partial recovery of free movement

                                  - Stabilization of the joints

                                  - Reconstruction of the muscles

                                  - General strengthening of muscles

                                  - Pain relief from your aching muscles and joints


If you would like to try AmpliTrain we are happy to offer your first 20 minute session for free.

Call us now on 0799 0760 462 or email to book your session straightaway!