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About Ampli Fitness

Whether its fitness studios, personal training, competitive sport, physiotherapy, medicine or the wellness and beauty establishments: The modern lifestyle leaves little time for time consuming activities such as training or rehabilitation programs. Therefore a lot of people are continuously searching for a healthy and very efficient solution for muscle activation. A desire that the AmpliTrain unconditionally fulfils.

Whether as an individual training programme, unit or as an already existing program: with AmpliTraining the muscle groups can be activated together or individually using the innovative AmpliTrain-technology with MET-current.

Our mission is to provide healthy and at the same time very efficient solutions for muscle activation. AmpliFitness works with EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training technology.


AmpliTrain can be used to many things. Only a few of them:
  • Pain resulting from weak or fatigued muscles.
  • Muscle problems that have occured from back and joint problems
  • AmpliTrain can be used before and after joint surgery to rebuild muscles.
  • Assists incontinence problems by strengthening the muscles of the pelvis.
  • AmpliTrain can help to balance disproportionate muscles.
  • To gain muscle mass and strength.


We do not recommend the use of AmpliTrain Pro equipment in the following cases, and only after consultation with a physician or if a doctor has recommended you use AmpliTrain. For individuals who have:
  • A pacemaker or other electrical implants or devices embedded
  • Heart rhythm disturbance
  • During pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • With sickness, seizures or seizure disorders (for example epilepsy)
  • Skin or malignant diseases close to the body application areas of the AmpliTrain electrodes
  • Unable to take part in fitness activites due to Doctor's advice
  • Over 35 years in sports aptitude tests is required for the completion of the Pro AmpliTrain before using.
  • Fever, viral and bacterial diseases
  • Anyone under the age of 16 years