Fitness and Personal Training

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Fitness and Personal Training

AmpliTrain is a dynamic fitness machine that uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to offer an intense overall workout or it can be targeted to tone specific parts of your body such as arms, hips, bums and tums.


Though some athletes use AmpliTrain to intensify their workout, the benefits of EMS training can also be effective for those whose movement is restricted due to injury, disability or conditions such as MS, Obesity, Diabetes, Strokes or Heart problems.


AmpliTrain is already widely used across Germany where its users include several World Champion Athletes. Surprisingly AmpliFitness is one of the first companies to bring AmpliTrain to the UK. It’s sure to take on fast, in fact we’re so confident of the benefits of an AmpliTrain workout that we are happy to offer your first 20 minute session free.


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