The Technology
behind Amplifitness

AmpliTrain® is an EMS/EMA training appliance

Do not get confused. EMS means "electrical muscle stimulation". EMA means "electrical muscle activation".

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CheckTherefore basically it involves both cases bringing about muscle contraction with electric current. If you do this with so-called stimulation current (that is low frequency current) then that is traditionally referred to as EMS. Here the motor nerves are stimulated which eventually leads to muscle contraction.

CheckIf you use high quality medium frequency current (which is technically more complex and hence not so commonly used with other appliances) it is preferably referred to as EMA. The modulation of the medium frequency allows the activation of muscle cells in a quasi-physiological manner, and so brings about contractions without stimulating the nerves. EMA though has other advantages over traditional EMS appliances. So for example cell activation and a deep voluminous effect.

CheckThus the terms EMS and EMA serve as a demarcation. But of course EMA is ultimately also a form of EMS, thus both terms could be used for training with medium-frequency current - only EMS can be used during the training with low-frequency stimulation current (as it does not enable muscle activation, but rather is only an irritation). Since the technology of the low frequency stimulation current is better known, the name EMS is also significantly more prevalent than the technical definition EMA. For this reason, we used both terms.

CheckThe AmpliTrain® hardware is built in Germany and fulfils the highest quality criteria in terms of processing and operations.

CheckActivation instead of irritation. Whoever is looking for a healthy current based training method for their practice or gym will find it with the complete AmpliTrain® full body training system. This "Made in Germany" innovation has exclusive access to a uniquely modulated medium frequency with which quasi physiological impulses can be placed into each tissue and thus an optimal deep impact can be achieved.

CheckThe AmpliTrain® EMA appliance has a licence as a medical product.