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 At AmpliFitness we work with you to achieve your goals by combining Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching with AmpliTrain, a training appliance which uses electrical muscle stimulation and activation.


 By stimulating nerve endings to encourage muscle contraction at the same time as activating muscle cells, AmpliTrain technology is used to strengthen, tone and improve performance in problematic or injured areas.


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What can Amplitrain technology be used for?

Train the muscles of your body

AmpliTrain® is an EMS/EMA training appliance that trains the muscles of the body with a modulated medium frequency current of 2 kHz and activates the body cells. Ever more media reports - but also analyses by official agencies - point clearly in one direction. EMS training will become the biggest growth market in the fitness industry in the next few years. Even sceptics must acknowledge at this point the benefits of this special form of exercise.


Training with power currents is becoming ever more popular, so-called current training is gaining more and more ground. But what makes EMS training (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) - also called stimulation training - so popular? We live in a highly technical world, in which most people have little time and want to have quick uncomplicated solutions to their problems. EMS training offers that exactly. In the EMS studio you put on the EMS suit (comparable to a triathlon suit) and are wired to the appliance - something that lasts about two minutes altogether - and you can start working out. 20 intensive minutes follow, during which nearly all the skeletal muscles are fully exerted (muscle stimulation and muscle building). Depending on the training objective in different rhythms. During the workouts you can move – but there is no obligation. You can also just stand there and let the EMS appliance perform the workout for you. After just five minutes you can clearly feel the training effect. The total 20 minutes of the workout pass by more quickly than expected and already after the session you can notice a new, pleasant feeling in your body. Your body feels streamlined after the EMS fitness training, light and fit. You feel neither "broken" nor overexerted, but the feeling in your body is just marvellous! Now showered and dressed once more and after scarcely 45 minutes – including changing clothes, showering and a complete workout – you have completed your training. Training cannot be quicker, simpler, healthier and more effective than that!

What are the most common EMS training objectives? Getting rid of annoying surplus weight, getting rid of annoying back pains, getting a grip on troublesome joint problems, becoming fitter and healthier, being resilient once more, muscle building and body sculpting, and increasing the quality of your life.

Whoever starts on EMS Training as a rule does not do so in order to enjoy sports or because of the desire for a new hobby but rather in order to achieve a very specific personal goal. And how can you to do it better than with a modern, purpose-oriented and time-saving workout?

The little time needed in particular coupled with its enormous efficiency make EMS Training especially attractive. And yes, that fits quite simply into our time schedules. A workout lasts ten to 20 minutes at most and there you complete a highly intensive full body muscular workout which makes your existing muscles optimally fit and adds muscle mass.

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